Founded February 13th, 1980, Harrison & Burrowes Bridge Constructors, Inc. has been one of the top bridge contractors in New York State for nearly 40 years. Brothers Jeff and Wally DiStefano started out in business by investing $100,000 of their own money in a crane and a flat rack while running the business out of Wally’s basement. Today, Wally has been retired for more than three years, as the second generation and succession plan have been implemented into the executive management structure. Between the five executive managers, there are 166 years of experience at H&B alone. The company maintains an annual revenue of roughly $50 million and boasts over $15 million in equipment holdings. Headquartered in Glenmont, New York, just south of Albany, H&B sits on twelve acres and employs more than 150 full time and seasonal employees during the peak of construction season.

Over the years, H&B has demolished, constructed and rehabilitated hundreds of bridges throughout New York State and even in to Massachusetts and Vermont. An award winning firm, H&B has built an excellent reputation statewide and has completed some of the most challenging projects in New York State both on schedule and under budget. From new construction of large spans and complex designs in high volume urban areas, to rural county bridges and spans over water, H&B’s services include complete bridge replacement, bridge and bearing rehabilitation and replacement, and steel sheeting and pile driving on land and in water.